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January, 2009
NigerianNews Letter to the Editor

January 25, 2009

Achebe: Ndigbo founded Nigeria.

Dear Editor,

I refer to the Achebe's notion that the Ndigbo are the oldest people that have lived in the entity called Nigeria and can never be seen as settlers on Daily Champion of 23rd Jan. 2009 as featured by EMMA OGU, Owerri.

We respect Achebe as elderly story teller of Nigeria. But to put such claimes about the Ibos to the Nigeria audience may give us the impression that he is perharps too old at this time for his story to be reliable.

Let him also know that some master historians are still very much around. Where was the so called Indigbo when the entity called Nigeria today has not assumed that status? Where was the Igbo nation during the era of Kanem Bornu, the Entire Yoruba Kingdom in their various divisions, the Bini Kingdom, the Kingdom of Kaniaga Ashanti Empire and such like?

We have not forgotten that the Igbos marched in through the North Eastern Africa area of Somalia and Ehiopia and settled eastward of the land of Igodomigodo.

Haba Achebe!

Fred Famous,