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Letters to the Editor



January, 2009
NigerianNews Letter to the Editor

January 26, 2009

Nigeria must not collapse.

Dear Editor,


I am writing this mail With firm believe that through you I might find expression to the Hurt I feel inside and by extension Renew hope in this nation

The hurt is coming as a result of what someone Told me, which I do not want to believe is true Cos if it is, then I fear for this nation

The fellow said that MICHELIN left Nigeria Is right now producing in Ghana next door That DUNLOP is also heading that way And another told me, while I was lamenting Over these two tire giants that, Cadbury is also there Reason of these exits being lack of POWER

I hurt because apart from the Job lost(?) The products will end up here as imports Think of the trade balance Lost of forex + depletion in reserve And I began to wonder Is the leadership of Nigeria Unaware of the implications of the exits? Don't they care about the signals this will send To would be investors? Don't we have anything called National pride If these things are true?

As international journalist and one Not in the employ of any news organisation Owned by serving or past ruler in this Nation I believe, that you will have Contact with one or two people either in govt or corridor of power They must be sensitised, to prick the conscience of govt  Must be awakened Nigeria must not die !!!! i have lots to share with you but chew on this
Thanks & best regards
Logistics Manager
Excelsa Limited(E.C.M)
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