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Letters to the Editor



February, 2009
NigerianNews Letter to the Editor

February 19, 2009


Dear Editor,

Atsar Terver can not be serious about his article.  Columnists should correctly interpret events and not launch into unnecessary and diversionary, self-serving logic to state their cause.

Sometimes, I pity people who, when they like, will call themselves “Middle Belt” and when it suits then “Northerners”.  If there is anyone with a complex, the people of the North Central part of Nigeria are, and they (like Atsar) should first define or re-define their identity.

Terver should not distort facts.  Nobody opposed the Attorney General until he began to show that he was protecting or shielding Ibori and his likes from justice and deliberately misrepresenting facts both in Nigeria and in UK.  If you are proud of his “achievements” so far, its okay and time will tell.

The circumstances that made Mrs. F. Waziri become EFCC Chairman is well known and her “achievements” to date are well documented in Nigeria and overseas (they are also Yoruba abi?) and if Terver is also proud of what she has done so far, history will vindicate him.

When Yorubas criticize their own, they are applauded – Gani, Soyinka, Falana, etc. waged a relentless war on Obasanjo.  The much derided Lagos-Ibadan press criticized and ridiculed (and are still ridiculing) OBJ; they did well but immediately they voice their opinion on people from other parts of the country, they are derided and labelled as ethnic jingoists.

Terver, if you are satisfied with the pace of Yar’ádua’s government, then clap for yourself.  If you are excited by its intellectual content, so be it.  But I bet, whatever opinion you have – and you sure are entitled to your opinion – will not hold water outside your “northern shores”.  However, let me advise you first to re-define your own identity because as the “real northerners” have shown you (in Plateau, Taraba, etc) again and again, you belong elsewhere and not to the “North”.  And the people who always support you when your “Northern brothers” pounce on you and you become defenceless are the same people you are deriding through your deliberate misplacement of facts.  You had better face and sort out the issue of identity first before lashing out and blaming Southerners for your woes.