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What you must watch out for in order not to impair your immune system.

  1. Toxin
    The air we breath, the water we drink are all replete with toxins, why not try and get organic food, stay away from your municipally supplied water with all the toxin additives.

  2. Malnutrition
    That your stomach is full does not mean what you have in there is what your body needs. You can have too much of one food, and too little of the other! Is meat and animal product the only source of protein?

  3. Electromagetic flux
    Google what the Russians had known about microwave as far back as 1976! Microwave ionises your food setting up food consumed split into positive and negative ions. This polarized food can then form bonds of unintended consequences with the other parts of you. Stay away from Alternating Current source

  4. Stress
    Stress is known to lower and degrade your immune system.

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