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Atsar Terver
Public affairs Commentator

Port Harcourt
Rivers, Nigeria

Atsar Terver Atsar Terver's ECHOES
Commentary on burning public issues

  • The Enemies of Electoral Reform and El-Rufai’s Silly Outburst.
    by Atsar Terver
    June 09, 2009
    When former President Obasanjo recently declared in his characteristically reckless manner that he was not aware of any ongoing electoral reforms in the country, not many may have read the evil intentions pregnant in those words. Coming at a time the Uwais Report on Electoral Reforms was being widely debated by the public, such a declaration from a former President meant either of two things, namely that he was truly ignorant of political happenings around him or that he was just expressing cynical apathy. The later seems more plausible for a former head of state that he is.  NigerianNews Special


  • Obama Not a Snub.
    by Atsar Terver
    May 21, 2009
    Efforts have been made by many Nigerians to interpret the planned visit to Ghana by American President Barack Obama as a snub on Nigeria for failing to demonstrate commitment to free and fair election-a feat which Ghana has managed to achieve in three consecutive times since Jerry Rawlling’s revolution. NigerianNews Special