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December 20, 2014
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  • Obiku joins 'Keshi must go' crusade

    .....wants top foreign coach for Eagles With many Nigerians still in pain over the non-qualification of the Super Eagles for the 30th AFCON finals slated for Equatorial Guinea next month,  Read more...

Now that the primaries are over, who of these two candidates should we elect come February 2015?
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
Muhammadu Buhari

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  • Ondo 2014: Olugbese thumbs up FEPSGA
    The Local Organizing Committee Chairman of the 33rd edition of annual Public Service Games (FEPSGA), Mr Dele Olugbese, has expressed delight at the Games, saying the competition will enhance the productivity of Ondo State civil servants. Read more...

  • Wrestlers set for end of year tourney
    Arrangements have been concluded by the Nigerian Ultimate Pro-Wrestlers Federation in collaboration with Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Promotions to host an end of the year pro-wrestling extravaganza. Read more...

  • Beach rugby to rock Rio today
    ....As rugby sevens' debut at 2016 Olympics
    International rugby sevens stars will compete in a special invitational beach rugby competition at Ipanema beach in Rio today to promote rugby sevens' debut at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Read more...

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